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Come celebrate Halloween with a spooky scavenger hunt, a lecture on where to find real ghosts, and more at the North Museum!

Come celebrate Halloween with themed activities at the North Museum!

Looking for something to do with a day off from school? The Lancaster Science Factory is the place for you! We will be OPEN Monday, February 18th from 10am-5pm for the Presidents’ Day holiday.


Laser Shows are back in our Planetarium! Starting December 14th, music-lovers of all ages can experience light and audio magic with our amazing Laser Show line-up!

During the day, families can enjoy the sights and songs of their favorite pop and holiday classics with our Laser Holiday and iPOP shows!

At night, viewers will enjoy a rock experience like no other with shows featuring such rock legends as U2, Metallica and, of course, Pink Floyd! If you’re not a big rock fan, you might enjoy some of our Laser Country and Laser Pop evening shows. With 10 different shows over the course of 14 days, there’s bound to be a something for everyone! Tickets can be purchased online or at the door – reserve your seats today!

Come out and join us for a spooktacular evening of thrills, chills, and good old fashioned fun! After hours at the North Museum is Halloween fun for all.

Sit by the campfire in our planetarium and listen to some stories including local lore and Native American tales about the stars. Take a flashlight scavenger hunt throughout the Museum and find some of our creepy, crawly, and uncanny collections along the way. Stop by our Mad Scientist’s Lab and learn how to make some terrifyingly fantastic potions. All this and more in our Haunted Museum!

Buy tickets for Spooky Science Trick or Treat and get your ticket for the Haunted Museum at half price! Come out for our daytime event and get tickets to the evening event at half the price! What a spooktacular deal!

Stop into the North Museum this Halloween for our Spooky Science Trick-or-Treat!

Each activity station will have a candy or non-candy treat for all our guests! You’ll get a complimentary trick or treat bag to carry your stash of goodies and all your crafts to take home! There will be a Costume Contest at 12pm and 3pm with prizes for the first, second, and third place winners! We encourage all our guests to wear costumes for this day of fun!

Our activities for the day include slime brain dissection, build a monster, spider leg potions, and so much more!

All activities and events are included in the price of admission! Add a planetarium show for a small additional charge.

Send your kids to the coolest camp in the coldest time!

The 9th annual Cold Storage Winter Camp takes place December 26, 27, 28 & 29, 2017 at The Lancaster Science Factory. Campers will enjoy hands-on activities, fun demonstrations, and be submerged in the chill and thrill of science!

Each half-day session costs $30 per child. Reserve both sections on the same day for $55. Or book all 8 sessions for $200. The more you book, the more you save! Members also receive an extra 10% off.

Children that are attending both morning and afternoon camps are welcome to stay for Lunch Bunch, in which they can eat their own packed lunch, and then enjoy time on the exhibit floors before the afternoon camp begins.

We are also recruiting volunteers age 16+ to help with Camp!

Space is limited, so make your reservation soon…

Camp Descriptions:

Cookies & Milk
Tuesday, December 26 – AM Session (Grades K-8)
Take a new look at Santa’s favorite treat. Explore games and activities inspired by yummy holiday favorites. Take those yummy cookies and create a skyscraper that you are sure Santa will not miss as he flies by. Add a little holiday magic to his favorite drink to help the elves with a few last minute toys and pictures.

From Snowballs to Hot Chocolate
Tuesday, December 26 – PM Session (Grades K-8)
Join in a frosty experience where gloves are required. Try your hand at Eskimo engineering and sub-zero science. When the chill gets to be too much create the perfect cup of chocolatey warmth…

Uh OH … Santa
Wednesday, December 27 – AM Session (Grades K-8)
Join an elite group of Elves to help Santa with all his traveling Whoo’s… Don’t Look but Santa is stuck in a chimney. How does he fit all those holiday presents in that stocking? Oh NO… Don’t overshoot that Sleigh’s landing!

Wednesday, December 27 – PM Session (Grades K-8)
From the gooey and the slimy to the messy and disgusting, join in the Grinch-mas Celebration of food, fun and rotten. Try your hand at carving the Grinch out of a green apple (just because he’s a little tart) and watch how he rots. Search through the disgusting to find that gooey, slimy mixture that is simply Grinch-ERRIFIC.

Ornamental Science
Thursday, December 28 – AM Session (Grades K-8)
Ornamental science is truly elementary from Geo-Boards to atoms and astronomy to thermodynamics. Join in the holiday spirit as you create these STEAM inspired creations that will brighten your holiday tree or window pane.

Soap is Not Just for Bath Time Anymore!
Thursday, December 28 – PM Session (Grades K-8)
Surround yourself in the world of soap suds and bubbles, NO washcloth needed !! Can you save your rubber duckie from an oil spill? Are you able to make a bubble BUG or BUG- erpillar? How about a human bubble?

Electronics and Robotics
Friday, December 29 – AM Session (Grades K-8)
From those NEW electronic toys to those of past history, join in the advancements of programming. See if your creation is from the past, present or future…. As you explore Lego Mind-Storms, Edison Robots, and Little Bits.

Junk Drawer Engineering
Friday, December 29 – PM Session (Grades K-8)
Join the LSF Engineering Elves as they explore Pneumatic Construction and the Perpetual Motion Marble Machine. Your Mind is your ONLY limit as you try your hands at these innovative toy creations.

November 30: (9:30 – 11:00am or 1:00 – 2:30pm)

Scientific Method and Data Discovery: Dive Deeper into Data

Students will explore data and learn different ways to use data to explain a scientific investigation. Students will learn the ins and outs of the bar graph, line graph and xy scatter plot but they will have to gather their data first.

Cost is $15 per child, per session

**Lancaster Science Factory members receive a 10% discount on all Homeschool Classes!**

To sign up for a homeschool class, please contact Rachel Cahill at or 717-509-6363 x105 or follow the link above to register electronically.

Join us for a battle of the brains Thursday, December 29th at 7pm for Science Trivia Night at the Lancaster Science Factory!

Matt Johnson will be the Master of Science Ceremonies leading the Trivia Challenge. All of the Factory exhibits will be open and prizes will be awarded to overall winners and the team with the most creative science-themed name.

What’s new: Grab your buzzer and participate in a Science Jeopardy showdown! This evening’s entertainment will include a Jeopardy showdown, with topics including “math nerds,” science of love, weights & measures, and “rhymes with brain.”

The cost is $10 per person and all attendees must be age 21 and over. Admission includes 1 beer from Wacker Brewing Company, 1 slice of pizza from Four54 Grill and 5 brain busting rounds of science themed trivia and jeopardy. Guests will be able to purchase additional brews (Wacker Kolsch or Dunkel) at our Science Cafe cash bar.

We ask that each team pre-register on Eventbrite to help us estimate event attendance. Teams can be up to 8 players.

Questions? Please contact Audrey Lilley at or 717-509-6363 x104.

Hope to see you there!

Science that Sticks Winter Camp

New for 2017 – A Winter Camp program specifically designed for the little ones in mind. Send your Pre-K child to engaging and fun winter camps and keep your little explorers busy during those COLD Days

Each camp is 2 hours (9:30 – 11:30 am) and runs $30 per child per 2-hour camp!

Registration is limited.

No reservations can be made without payment.

Members receive 10% off.

Download the paper registration and fax to (717) 509-6386 OR register online!

Camp Descriptions

Tuesday, January 3rd
Whose Shadow is This?
(9:30 am-11:30am) ages 4-7
Imagine you are a puppeteer and getting ready to put on a performance on a miniature stage, but the lights go out… Our little explorers will dance their way into the book Whose Shadow is This?, and uncover a world of shadows on stage all while playing with light and shadows.

Wednesday, January 4th
Let’s Try it Out…. In the Water
(9:30am-11:30am) ages 4-7
Ever wonder how big the ocean is? Or how about how tall a skyscraper is… Our little explorers will dive into an aquarium filled with water to find out how much water it will hold. They will then explore homemade skyscrapers and building to see how tall they are all while playing with measurement.

Thursday, January 5th
Coding for Kids
(9:30am-11:30am) ages 4-7
Imagine yourself as a robot at the end of an obstacle course… Could you create and design a path to get safely to the other end using simple commands? Our little explorers will navigate through challenges and obstacles using basic computer code to find the treasure at the end.

Friday, January 6th
What Do You See?
(9:30am-11:30pm) ages 4-7
Ever wonder what you look like to an insect… Ever stop and think what an insect see when it looks at you… Our little explorers with the help of Eric Carle’s book What Do You See?, will magnify their surroundings to see things that they may never have noticed before.
Questions? Please contact our STEM Educator, Rachel Cahill, at or 717-509-6363 x105