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Happy Snakesgiving! Come ready to learn all about snakes with crafts, educational games, and other snake-themed activities at our sssslithery, sssscaly sssshindig! Get up close and personal with the North Museum’s friendly snake residents! Find out how YOU can become a citizen scientist with the Pennsylvania Amphibian & Reptile Survey! Learn how to identify Pennsylvania’s venomous snakes! Attend a snake feeding demonstration! (Saturday only at 1:30) Learn about the constellations in a serpent-themed Night Sky Tour planetarium show! (Friday & Saturday at 2:30). Snake-themed activities will include: Explore snake egg laying and nesting behavior in our Snake Egg Touch Bin! Learn about why rattlesnakes rattle, and make your own rattle sounds! Find the snakes hidden in a snake photo scavenger hunt! And many more!